Water Storage Tanks: Sos Survival Supplies

Water Storage Tanks: Sos Survival Supplies

How to Store Water sos survival supplies in Emergency Water Storage Tank?

Buy emergency water storage tanks, water storage tanks for camping online

Water is heavy to transport and carry, this means that you must have an emergency water plan should be ready you must be cautious of large scale disaster. The trouble arises when water needs to be stored for future use you may find the search for emergency supplies challenging, but you may think it's a challenge that is challenge worth tackling for sos survival.
Here are some things you must know before you buy emergency water storage tanks –

  • Every shelter-in-place must have a water storage facility. Be sure to buy food-grade water storage containers and use them wisely. Be sure to use high-quality material so it doesn’t break easily.
    The barrels and water containers come in a variety of options. Pick the one that best meets your need and carry the right one with you.
  • A portable water filter can also be of great help. When you want to store water and are unsure of the safety and hygiene of the water, then an ideal choice would be to carry a water filter. They are handy, easy to carry, and high on quality. This is a preferred way of water treatment for a gallon of water for camping.
    The microfilters in them filter out unwanted substances from the water. Please be careful, because they don’t kill viruses, they can only remove bacteria and protozoa.
  • Water Purification Tablets. These are very handy to have and not too much of a hassle to carry. This is an easy to carry product when you want safe drinking water while on the go. These tablets can be easily added to your emergency water storage container, it starts to show actions without much delay.
    If nothing works out or you miss any product you can always boil water survival supplies. Boiling is any which ways the best form of water purification.

How much water should I bring camping?

It is advised that keeping 1-gallon water per day would be an ideal choice. This is inclusive of water for cooking, cleaning, drinking, and sanitation. It is an ideal amount to carry with you, just to be extra cautious. In case, you start doing the math on how much storage space would be required then you would know exactly how much and what capacity water storage tank to buy for camping online.

How to Store Water for Emergencies?

Size – The container size should be big enough to cater to the need of the whole family.
UV Coated – UV coating helps protect the light from getting into the water. The possibility of contaminant growing inside increases with time hence you want to be sure that the tank is dark.
Quality – You must buy an emergency water storage tank that is durable and won’t crack, split, or warp.

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