Camping Survival Supplies and Naqwa

Camping Survival Supplies and Naqwa

What is Naqwa? Naqwa spring water purification could safe your life with camping survival supplies

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NAQWA provides a very simple, very lightweight easy to use water purification. If you are bugging out and have a 72 hour pack with food and water, what happens after the 72 hours. You can live with out food for 3 weeks. You can only survive 3 days with out water. When you run out of water and have used up your water purification tablets, you had better have a way to purify water that you come across in a camping survival supplies. This is YOUR ANSWER. Order now under the Water tab at for only $68.00 which does include the shipping. Water supply is something very important as aid kit, sleeping bags, survival tools in a camping trip without forgetting that emergency food water is very important and in many occasions we forget its importance Take advantage of Seezle at checkout to split up your payments, interest free with NO credit check!!

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